Saturday, November 15, 2008

Best Flash-based Games

RoboKill - Titan Prime
This is the most amazing flash-based arcade game I've managed to find till today. Not only does it have excellent graphics and background music, but the game-play is made equally fascinating by a simulated 3D environment. Sadly, the game is not completely free. We get to play the first of three episodes of the story-line. RockSolid Arcade charges $9.95 for a full version, but the price is well justified.
Try it out yourself: RoboKill.
Happy RoboKilling!!!

A great puzzle game by MiniClip, has 33 levels with increasing difficulty. A very innovative and creative development. One must try it out: Bloxorz

Rail Of War
Nice arcade game, involves trains from old-times steam engine to advanced electric-driven ones. The game-play gets interesting as we have armored wagons with several types of turrets and modifications. Though, we have to pay for getting a full version of this one too, still, real nice game.
Give it a try: Rail Of War

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A little about me...


Name:Hemant Kumar Arora
DOB:22nd June 1985
Current location:Lucknow
Eye color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Black
Height:5' 7"
Heritage:Hindusim / Indian
Tattoos:I'd like to have


Song:Many, for now, Aerosmith's Don't wanna miss a thing
Genre of Music:Almost all
Color(s):Green Blue Black White
TV show(s):all reality shows
Movie(s):Matrix, Kill Bill, Green Mile ... Huge list. Hollywood and Bollywood
Food:Whatever mom cooks, but I like to try new dishes too
Drink:Water, iced tea, soda
Clothing Brand:Maybe Nike, Levi's, Trigger ... but whatever looks cool, brand doesn't matter
Shoe Brand:Woodland, Portland ...
Pizza topping:Corn, mushroom
Month:cooler months
Holiday:A cool place with someone and no one else around, beach, or riverside or anywhere
Flower:-no preference-

This or That...

Sunny or rainy:Rainy
Chocolate or vanilla:Chocolate
Fruit or veggie:Fruit
Night or day:Night
Sour or sweet:Sweet
Love or money:Love
Phone or in person:In person
Poor & happy or rich & miserable:Poor & happy
Looks or personality:Personality
Coffee or tea:Coffee
Hot or cold:Cold


Goal for this year:dunno, generally I don't make resolutions and just go by the flow
Most missed memory:-
Best physical feature:neck, maybe
First thought waking up:a holy mantra for Lord Ganesh


Do you wanna get married:Yes
Do you wanna have kids:Yes
If so, how many:As many as she wants ... but a reasonable number lol
Do you wanna go to college:Been already, miss those days, but everything has a positive and a negative side
What do you want to be:A common man with an ok life, tho I want to do something revolutionary if I get a chance

Do You...

Dance in the rain:I'd like to
Shower daily:Yes
Like thunderstorms:Yes
Curse:Very rarely
Play an instrument:I'd like to
Think you are good looking:Nope
Get along with your parents:Yes

Other Questions...

Can you whistle:Not perfect
Right or left handed:Right
Your bedtime:Never fixed
Biggest fear:( can't think of any, right now )
3 things you can't live without:Air, my family, friends
Color of your room:Light green
Middle name:Kumar
Pets:I'd like to have
For or against gay marriage:Against
Thoughts on abortion:Hate it
If you could be anywhere right now where would you be:Near a water body
Do you wear contacts/glasses:No
Are you afraid of the dark: No, I'm the nightcrawler... !

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