Saturday, November 15, 2008

Best Flash-based Games

RoboKill - Titan Prime
This is the most amazing flash-based arcade game I've managed to find till today. Not only does it have excellent graphics and background music, but the game-play is made equally fascinating by a simulated 3D environment. Sadly, the game is not completely free. We get to play the first of three episodes of the story-line. RockSolid Arcade charges $9.95 for a full version, but the price is well justified.
Try it out yourself: RoboKill.
Happy RoboKilling!!!

A great puzzle game by MiniClip, has 33 levels with increasing difficulty. A very innovative and creative development. One must try it out: Bloxorz

Rail Of War
Nice arcade game, involves trains from old-times steam engine to advanced electric-driven ones. The game-play gets interesting as we have armored wagons with several types of turrets and modifications. Though, we have to pay for getting a full version of this one too, still, real nice game.
Give it a try: Rail Of War

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